Ahhh yeah here we go

Sweet feet make me feel loved!

In the last few years several people have asked me to write up some things about parenting. So of course I put it off and said um, I learned everything from, my parents, my sister, friends and of course books. That being said in the ever wise words of Inigo Montoya… ‘it’s too complicated let me sum up”. Yes I’m that dork.

Over the course of my life I’ve tried a multitude of careers but I really feel like I found my true calling when my first child arrived. I now am a happily married mom of three and life is amazing, chaotic and regularly filled with unexpected explosions — either emotional or the more fun diaper ones. At my core I am happy, grateful and content but man oh man the daily grind is brutal. I’ve learned some tricks, tips and general advice along the way and I’d like to share in the hopes that you can learn from me. So here goes. If you’d like to hear about anything I’m more than happy to discuss almost any topic so let’s get it out there and make it easier for everyone.

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